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Since our founding in 1981, for over 30 years, Flowspec Shengda has been an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing the renewable, organic, recycled and sustainable walnut shells, including ground walnut shell grits, crushed walnut shell grits, walnut shell blasting media, walnut shell fillers, cosmetics grade walnut shell grits, powder & flour, walnut shell pet litter, walnut shell filter material, abrasive blasting media, etc. With walnut shell grit sizes of 6/10, 8/12, 12/20, 18/40, 35/60, 40/100, 60/200 and walnut shell flour sizes of #100, #200, #325 and #400. Our own factory named Shangluo Shengda Industrial Corporation Limited located in Luonan county, Shaanxi province in China, which has the production capacity of 10,000,000 Kgs of walnut shells.

Our environmentally friendly non-toxic walnut shells of high quality are widely used in industrial applications of porosity enhancer for grinding wheels & ceramics, cosmetics, skin care, exfoliation, creams, soaps, reptiles, cats, birds, non-skid / anti-slip, paint & coatings, burn-out, filtration, paint removal & stripping, coatings removal, surface preparation, mold & engine cleaning, masking, blast cleaning, deburrring, deflashing, tumbling, engine clean-out, burn-out applications on cars, trucks, airplanes, trains, boats, landing gear, buildings, brick, tatues, monuments and engines in industries of automotive restoration, aircraft maintenance, paint & coatings, military, cosmetics industry, paint & coatings, plastics & rubber compounding, oil drilling and ceramics manufacturing.

In 2014, we introduced Livermore Red Walnuts grafted seedlings from California, USA. In the next few years, we grafted Livermore Red Walnuts to Chinese local walnuts in our own walnuts garden, and developed China Red Walnuts variety successfully. Until now, we have about 1 million pcs of red walnuts grafted seedlings in our 80-hectare walnuts plantation. Among these red walnuts, about 5% of them are 5 years tree that have harvest of red walnuts of about 5000Kgs, 50% of them are 2~3 years with diameter of 25~35mm and height of 1.5~1.8m, and 30% of them are 1~2 years with diameter of 12~20mm and height of 0.5~1.2m, and the rest are newly grafted seedlings this year. According to our grafted seedlings marketing feedback, most of the 2~3 years red walnuts grafted seedlings will have harvest of red walnuts in the coming year, even some of them can have harvest of red walnuts the same year. While for 1~2 years red walnuts grafted seedlings, it takes at least 2 years to have harvest after planting. Unit now, we are the first one and maybe the only one to introduce the Livermore Red Walnuts, develop and plant large-scale in China, then we are called China Red Walnuts Planting Base.

With over 30 years of walnut shells producing experience and technical expertise, we work closely with customers to find the right product, mesh size and hardness for your specific applications. Basing on our 80-hectare red walnuts plantation, we are willing to share this rare variety walnuts and grafted seedlings all over the world, making this rare variety walnuts be more and more popular among the people of the world. Customer service is our number one priority. We look forward to working with you.