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Clear Rusting with Walnut Shell Blasting

Source:FLOWSPEC INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Date:2014-11-04 21:36:55

Because of the mess and stress involved with stripping paint and removing rust, theses tasks often fall into the category of ¡°chores most people want to avoid.¡± However, it is possible to make these chores a lot less daunting. Whether you are rebuilding a car, repairing a boat, or refinishing a railing, using walnut shell blasting media can make stripping paint and removing rust considerably less onerous.

As sturdy as they may look, boats are very delicate machines. From their fiberglass hulls to their aluminum railings, they require considerable care and maintenance. Walnut shell blasting media is an ideal choice for removing paint from the hull or decking because it is abrasive enough to remove paint and rust without scratching or pitting the underlying surface.

Classic Vehicles
No one loves their cars more than classic car collectors. Unfortunately, most classic cars contain a considerable amount of steel which means that over time rust can become a real problem. It quite literally eats away at a classic car owner¡¯s investment. Because of the many angles and crevices that can be found on vehicles, removing rust and old paint safely can be a time consuming and costly affair. Blasting it with walnut shell media can get the job done safely and efficiently. This makes it a cost-effective solution that is appealing to both body shops and private collectors.

Household Needs
From wrought iron railings to redwood decks, walnut shell blasting media can be sprayed without risking damage to these expensive features. Further, because walnut shells are non-toxic and biodegradable, you don¡¯t have to worry about gathering them up after it has been sprayed. This makes using walnut shell media a much better option than silica based abrasives which can harm birds and small mammals should they ingest them.

Contact Flowspec for more information about the many ways that walnut shell blasting media blows away the competition. We will be happy to answer your questions and tell you about the variety of options and grit sizes we have available for use within your operations.