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Fast Clumping Action Walnut Cat Litter

Source:FLOWSPEC INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Date:2018-02-19 20:04:55

If there is pregnant woman, old man or children in your family, walnut shells cat litter is the best choice for you. Because walnut cat litter is 100% natural, green and environmentally friendly vegetal litter, which is dust free, easy convenience, deodorization, non-stick cat claw, non-stick box, etc.
Our human can smell the ammonia when its content reaches to 3ppm, but the cat can smell it much earlier.
If do not clean the cat litter box properly, ammonia content can reach to 10ppm within 10 days.
If cat litter box cannot be cleaned fully, ammonia content can reach to 30ppm within 15 days.
If you do not clean the cat litter box every day, you and your cat litter can smell ammonia within 3 days.
As long as there is ammonia in the cat litter, whether its content is big or small, it will cause harm to you and your cat.
The older cats cannot smell the ammonia after being exposed to ammonia for long time.
Put walnut shells cat litter with 5-8cm thickness on the clean cat litter box, clean the cat litter one time every day, and add some more cat litter, keeping the cat litter thickness in the cat litter box to be with 5-8cm.
When the cat litter meets with water, it will change. So, when dump the cat litter with cat shits into water closet, they can be washed away justly.