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Fast Clumping Cat Litter Prices

Source:Flowspec Shengda Industrial Limited Date:2020-07-09 14:53:36

Fast Clumping Cat Litter 6Lb, 14Lb, 26Lb

In order to meet market demand, abundant cat lover's choice, Flowspec Shengda Industrial Limited develops the Fast Clumping Cat Litter on the basis of foreign similar product advantages and other materials cat litter shortcomings.Our Fast Clumping Cat Litter can obsorb cat pee and clump quickly, is a type of 100% natually fresh and biodegradable with superior odor control, but no chemicals or no toxins, so the cat lovers have no worries to use our products.At present,we have 6Lb, 14Lb and 26Lb cat litter packages for choices. And also, we can do OEM according to different customers requirements.

Fast Clumping Cat Litter Package