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Learn More About Our Various Walnut Shells

Source:FLOWSPEC INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Date:2014-12-24 16:56:47

The uses for walnut shells are diverse and go well beyond what most people ever think about. It is a highly versatile media that can be used for anything from sandblasting to inclusion within cosmetic products. The use of walnut shells is a fabulous way to upcycle a byproduct of nut production, it¡¯s an easy way to produce an eco-friendly product your customers will be impressed by.

Our walnut shells are available in 12 different mesh sizes. This makes it possible to select the size that is ideal for your desired application. We offer large sizes that are ideal for use within filters or polishing machines, all the way down to very fine grits that are perfect for inclusion within skin scrubs and personal care products. With their biodegradable structure, non-toxic properties, and angular, multi-faceted surfaces, walnut shells are a cost-effective ingredient that doesn¡¯t harm the environment.
Additionally, walnut shells are reusable in applications such as filtering and blasting. This makes them a cost-efficient option that is ideal for use within automobile garages, metal workshops, jewelry production/repair, etc. Coupled with the fact that they don¡¯t produce dust, they are also a cleaner option than silica based media which means you won¡¯t have to worry about your workers being exposed to potentially toxic conditions.
Since 1981, Flowspec¡¯s walnut shell supply and operations have continued to increase in order to meet our clients requirements. We have been able to accomplish this because we have expanded our contracts with walnut farms in both Vietnam and China. The agreements and operations we have in place allow us to provide a ready supply of walnut shells to our clients regardless of if they need just a few pounds, or a few hundred tons.
We invite you to contact Flowspec for more information about the walnut shells we offer and the applications you can use them for. We¡¯ll be happy to answer your questions and recommend options that are ideal for the applications you wish to use them for.