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The Benefits Of Walnut Shell Blasting Media

Source:FLOWSPEC INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Date:2015-02-26 20:53:43

Hard but not too hard, walnut shell media strikes an excellent balance between extremes without compromising on their basic usefulness. Something that puts them in excellent position relative to comparative products, like a number of our other products made using walnut shells.

Here are the benefits of walnut shell media:
•For starters, walnut shell is the eco-conscious option when compared to other materials that see common use in blasting media. It is non-toxic, meaning that it cannot cause health problems for humans even if it manages to enter the environment. Furthermore, it is biodegradable because it is a natural material, which should come as welcome news to those who have to dispose of their blasting media once it has been used.
•Walnut shell is strong and tough at MOH 3.5 and Rockwell 91, which is important because both characteristics combine to impart it with exceptional strength. This is important because stronger blasting media has an easier time eating into materials, making the blasting process that much more efficient and effective.
•At the same time, walnut shell is not so harsh that it cannot be used on microfinishes. This expands the blasting capabilities of walnut shell media, making it more valuable to a bigger number of potential users.
•One of the most common materials that see use in blasting media is sand, which can cause a problem called silicosis. In brief, silicosis is a medical condition that results when inhaled silica dust causes inflamed scarring on the lungs. For obvious reasons, replacing sand with walnut shell makes such occurrences less probable.
•Combined, these characteristics ensure that walnut shell media can be used in a range of tasks without risking the health of its users. Examples range from the selective removal of either paint or polish to removing flash clinging to products fresh out of the mold.
To learn more about the benefits of walnut shell media, please do not hesitate to contact us at Flowspec as soon as you have the time. Our customer care representatives are waiting to provide curious individuals with all of the information relevant to their concerns.