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Using Walnut Shells for Jewelry Purposes

Source:FLOWSPEC INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Date:2014-12-20 15:52:33

Walnut shell jewelry is just one of the many new and creative ways that walnut shells are being upcycled for regular use. By slicing the shell into sections, it¡¯s possible to create beautiful pieces that can be polished to a deep brown hue and then joined using copper, silver, or gold wire. The result is a marvelously eclectic piece of jewelry that is sure to be noticed and admired. Whether used to create a long necklace, a stunning pair of earrings, or a simple pendant, the results are sure to impress whoever is fortunate enough to wear walnut shell jewelry.

In Asian cultures, the use of walnuts carries with it considerable spiritual implications. It is believed that walnut shells are intertwined with the natural world and provide protection from spirits and harm. This is one reason that walnuts, and walnut shells, feature prominently within many designs. And, because no two walnut shells are identical, every piece of jewelry created will have its own unique appearance and color. This means that two people can stand right beside each other wearing walnut shell jewelry and still be wearing entirely unique pieces.

Of course, walnut shells can also be used in the production of other jewelry. With the right grit, it¡¯s easy to polish newly produced pieces, or to remove rust and damage from older pieces such as watches, belt buckles, etc. that are being refurbished. The abrasive nature of the walnut shell can easily remove surface damage without damaging the underlying metal structure of the jewelry. Further, walnut shells are not so abrasive that you have to worry about them causing damage to gemstones such as diamonds or rubies.

For more information about walnut shell jewelry and the many applications of walnut shells, we invite you to contact Flowspec by sending us a message. We¡¯ll be happy to answer your questions and to help guide you to the right walnut shells for your needs.