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Walnut Shell for Pet Bedding and Litter

Source:FLOWSPEC INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Date:2018-03-10 21:50:00

Not only cats benefit from this 100% natural litter. Walnut shell is ideal for litter trays and for keeping animal cages clean with minimal expense or fuss.

Walnut Shell Litter for Birds

Bird owners have said that walnut shell powder does not lead to a mess when birds flap their wings, because dust is minimal. And when protection of the cage is very important, it¡¯s good to remember that walnut shell powder will not cling or stick to the cage the way that other litters will.

To avoid birds eating the grains, walnut litter should be used as a non-contact bedding. A grate should separate this litter from birds.

Walnut Shell Litter for Cats

The best way to choose a litter for your cat is to try a few different litters and see what works for you and your loved one. We encourage people to lean towards natural solutions. The use of walnut shell powder has a low impact on the environment and is non-toxic.

With walnut shell litter, you know that your cat is safe and clean. Cleaning the litter box is easy and unpleasant odors are minimal. When you throw away used walnut litter, it can go straight into your compost without a fuss.

Walnut Shell Litter for Lizards and Snakes

Remember walnut shell when looking for bedding and substrate options for pet reptiles. As well as being 100% natural and easy to clean, it is visually appealing.

Snakes and lizards often like to burrow and this natural product can emulate their natural environment. Talk to our experts about grain sizes if you are concerned about impaction.

Our walnut shell powder is safe and non-toxic. The grains are uniform sizes, so rest assured that you will get no unpleasant surprises. We use high-quality processes and ensure quality control at every stage.

You will find that walnut litter is lighter than many other products, so it easier to work with. And you can not only use walnut litter without risk of scratching glass, but it won¡¯t cling or stick to it either.

Tell us what mesh size you need and we will provide consistent walnut shell powder for your application. If you have any concerns, just get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

We aim to exceed your expectations with our attention to detail and great customer service. Give us a call at 0086 21 5603 2171 or email us today at