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What is Walnut Shell Blasting Media

Source:FLOWSPEC INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Date:2014-11-12 20:25:50

For people unfamiliar with the concept, blasting refers to the practice of propelling material called media using pressure in the effort to shape a surface to the needs of the user. Examples include but are not limited to smoothening rough surfaces, roughening smooth surfaces, and even removing contaminants clinging to surfaces. As a method, blasting has much to recommend it, not least because it is both efficient and effective.
Of course, the blasting process needs to use the right media to produce the best results. Unfortunately, most of the media that see common use have problems that make them either unpleasant or even inimical to human health. For example, some are corrosive, while others can become serious irritants when breathed in.
This is where walnut shell blasting media comes in.

Walnut shell blasting media is both biodegradable and non-corrosive, in addition to offering a myriad of other benefits.

As its name suggests, walnut shell blasting media is made using crushed walnut shells. Its choice of raw material provides it with the abrasive surfaces needed to be useful in blasting, plus a number of other important benefits such as an angular shape, a multi-faceted surface, and outstanding toughness under pressure. However, in spite of these characteristics, walnut shell blasting media is both biodegradable and non-corrosive. More than enough to make it a softer, gentler and more eco-conscious substitute for more common media such as sand.
In short, if you have surfaces that are in need of a thorough cleaning, then walnut shell blasting media should be your medium of choice. Despite its softer and gentler nature, it is more than enough to scour paint, coatings, and contaminants from a range of surfaces such as glass, metal, stone, wood, and plastic. At the same time, that same softness and gentleness also make it suitable for use in more delicate tasks such as polishing careworn jewelry and removing flash clinging to parts fresh from the mold. Since the media comes in a number of sizes, you can simply choose the one that is best-suited to your needs.

For more information about this and other products made from walnut shells, please contact us at Flowspec to speak with one of our representatives.