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Clean Engines and Transmission with Walnut Shells

Source:FLOWSPEC INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Date:2014-11-03 21:05:26

From grease and gunk, to oil and dirt, engines can get dirty very quickly. Over time, these contaminants can slow an engine down and decrease the performance of the vehicle. While it is relatively easy to clean up oil residue and debris on the surface, cleaning the inside of an engine requires considerable TLC. That is why mechanics who work on everything from passenger vehicles to big rigs rely on walnut shell blasting to get their motors running the way they want them to.

Within the engine there are a number of places where it¡¯s necessary to clean up oil residue and other fluids that build up to block everything from intake valves and piston springs, to cylinders and cam shafts. Cleaning these parts quickly and efficiently without damaging them can be tricky because if they are damaged the engine won¡¯t operate properly.

Walnut shell blasting provides the perfect solution to this concern as they are just the right hardness to remove gunk and grime without damaging the surface of the metal whether it is being sprayed on steel, titanium or alloy aluminum.  And, since walnut shells come in a wide variety of grit sizes it is easy to increase or decrease the size of the grit depending on which parts you are cleaning.

Finally, environmental concerns are another significant reason that repair shops are increasing their use of walnut shell blasting mediums as opposed to chemical cleaning solutions. With walnut shells, there are no toxic messes to contain or dispose of. This makes using walnuts less costly to a shop¡¯s operations and allows the shop to advertise the eco-friendly benefits of using their services. This is an important consideration as an increasing number of American consumers are seeking solutions to their transportation needs that don¡¯t harm the environment.

We invite you to contact Flowspec to learn more about the ways walnut shell blasting medium can be used in your operations. We will be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about the walnut shell products we have available to you.