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Try Crushed Walnut Shells

Source:FLOWSPEC INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Date:2014-12-03 21:13:29

There¡¯s always a dilemma when you¡¯re looking for an effective polishing media. On the one hand, you want something strong to get rid of tough grime and stains. At the same time, you need something that¡¯s gentle enough to avoid scratching more delicate and fragile surfaces. With crushed walnut shells from Flowspec, you get the best of both worlds. This multi-tasking material has many uses and is available in many different grit sizes for the tough jobs around your home.

Our products developed from crushed walnut shells have many applications as a polishing media. Different consistencies enable you to polish fine metals, eyeglasses lenses and decorative stones. However, the products are safe enough to shine up ivory and coral without damaging the surfaces. You can even use this media to polish up fine gem stones, turquoise and other jewelry pieces. In fact, walnut shell polishing products are considering a ¡°soft polishing¡± media because they don¡¯t damage underlying layers of the object.

At the same time, Flowspec products have the strength and durability to remove rust, corrosion, tarnish and other difficult-to-remove materials. Our crushed walnut shells will polish away the surface without affecting the fine metal, alloys or mechanical equipment underneath. These products can handle the tough jobs, yet you don¡¯t risk ruining what lies beneath.

Flowspec crushed walnut shell products are also able to be used with excellent results in applications where you want to avoid flammable or harsh solvents. This is due to this polishing media¡¯s angular, multi-faceted qualities. Another advantage is that the material doesn¡¯t require a liquid application, thereby avoiding lengthy drying times. Plus, the technology behind crushed walnut shells as a polishing formula prevents the dust that typically accompanies other products.

The powerful, polishing media formulas available from Flowspec enable you to safely clean the toughest grime from the most fragile surfaces in your home. The crushed walnut shells that our products are developed from are also organic, renewable and sustainable, so you¡¯ll be supporting environmentally-sound initiatives at the same time. Please visit our website to hear more about this versatile material and its many applications.