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Ways to Use Walnut Shell Polishing Media

Source:FLOWSPEC INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Date:2014-11-18 10:29:46

Although it can come as a bit of a surprise to learn, walnut shells are a raw material that can be made into a number of useful and interesting products for use in a range of applications. One excellent example is something called walnut shell polishing media.
Like its name suggests, walnut shell polishing media consists of walnut shells that have been crushed into small pieces for the purpose of polishing. Walnut shell polishing media is useful in that it is both natural and non-toxic, while remaining both strong enough and tough enough to get the job done. In short, walnut shell polishing media is not only the environmentally friendly option, but also the practical option.

Of course, since not all pieces of crushed walnut shells are well-suited to the same tasks and the same materials, the walnut shell polishing media comes sorted into a number of sizes that run the gamut from coarse to fine and extra fine.
Here are some examples of how a polishing media made using crushed walnut shells can be put to good use:
•Items made of molded metal tend not to come out of their molds in perfect condition. For example, either the item has smaller bits of metal clinging to its surface or has rough surfaces that need to be smoothened out before it can be put to use. Crushed walnut shells are perfect for polishing such items into a usable state.
•That said, metal items tend to accrue signs of wear and tear over time, with examples ranging from scratches to pits. A second go with a polishing media made of crushed walnut shells is useful for removing such blemishes without damaging their finish.
•Finer grades of crushed walnut shells can be used to polish more delicate items such as glass lens and fine metals without wearing them away in the process. In fact, it can even be used to make coral, ivory, and other precious objects truly shine in the spotlight.
For more information about the usefulness of crushed walnut shells in polishing, please contact Flowspec to speak with our representatives.